英語寫作要想得高分,用詞是關鍵。平時我們就要注意詞匯的積累。所謂詞匯積累,并不是簡單的背單詞。一個單詞要熟練記憶,必須了解這個單詞的音、形、詞性和搭配。在我們日常記憶單詞時,往往忽略了單詞的詞性和搭配,而這往往是決定是否能正確運用該單詞的關鍵。同時,我們在平時練習寫作文的時候,要盡量運用新學的單詞。在寫完作文進行修改的時候,要考慮一下文章中哪些看起來很貧乏簡單的單詞可以用高階詞匯替換??偠灾?,英語寫作中的“煉詞”要求包括以下三點:1)variety and diversity 多樣性;2)appropriate word choice 合適合理;3)idiomatic expression 習慣表達。

: hold the (opinion/ belief/ position/stand point/idea) that, assume, believe, deem, reckon, argue, maintain, suppose, conceive, insist, be convinced, to my knowledge, personally, from my personal perspective, as far as I am concerned, from my point of view, from my angle, consider, conceive, perspective...

Show: convey, reveal, express, corroborate, justify, imply, verify, clarify, signify, exemplify, illuminate, substantiate, demonstrate, elucidate, denote, characterized as, instruct, display, disclose,indicate, means, explain, give an/a example (reason, explanation) of, bear out, point out, point toward…

Know: realize, prehend, identify, distinguish, discern, notice, perceive, recognize, see, understand, figure out, be acquainted with, be familiar with,

Get: acquire, attain, acquire, achieve, obtain, gain “學習” 不用learn

Suggest: have a proposal in,

Increase: magnify, expand, proliferate, mushroom, improve, enhance, advance…

Impress: affect, inspire, engrave on, imprint of,

Influence: impact, affect, guide, sway,